Vertical Edge-Wise Winding Machine

Machines for winding rectangular profile conductor on the short side.

Broomfield offers several styles of edge-wise winding machines to provide for winding rectangular profile conductor on the short side. The servo spindle vertical edge-wise winding machine can be programmed for winding dual radii (oval) and four corner (rectangular) coils. Quick offset adjust via HMI panel can increase or decrease bend degrees as operator requires to help maintain bend angle that may fluctuate due to copper hardness.

  • Bend radius tooling can be provided for several different radii. Interchangeable tooling will key to the powered spindle. Each tool will be marked for easy size recognition.
  • High powered clamp down unit through the spindle will hold wire profile from buckling/distorting during corner radius bend. Programmable clamping pressure.
  • Color touch screen HMI and embedded CE Control System will provide for 1000+ coil part numbers, each comprising nine product parameters including items such as coil length, width, radius, lead lengths, clamp pressures, coil quantity, etc. This system will provide for all servo axis control and will connect to facility network for program transfer.
  • Light tower alert system will notify of machine run state.
  • Electrically actuated brake for positive stopping.
  • Hands-free winding operation after cycle start.
  • Conductor feeding system will move conductor during winding operation. This feeding will be servo controlled for distance based upon the particular coil program.
  • Automatic conductor cutting saw to cut wire so that proper lead lengths are automatically created in finished coil.
  • One to four conductor payoffs to hold supply spools up to 32" (812.8 mm) OD x 12" - 16" (304.8 mm - 406.4 mm) ID x up to 16" (406.4 mm) width. Each will have a pneumatic disk brake to provide drag when despooling. Manually expandable mandrel will provide for holding supply spool. With wire out sensing for each spool.
  • 5 HP hydraulic pump with 10 gallon reservoir. Pressure up to 2,500 psi.
  • Safety system to protect operator and others via steel rail guarding

Power Requirement:
Electrical — Per customer requirement

Maximum Swing Diameter: Per customer requirement

Machine Options
  • Powered rewind for conductor payoffs
  • Soldering/welding station can provide butt splices to reduce conductor waste. This unit will power index into place in the conductor path to weld. The conductor ends will be manually placed into the welder. Integral cooling system to dissipate heat buildup. Powered wire separation system to facilitate welding when winding multiple wires.
  • Coil removal slide which will engage with a completed coil and slide it across the winder table and off into a receptacle or to the edge for easy operator reach. Servo controlled axis.
  • Safety light Curtain and floor pressure pads to replace steel rail guarding and provide an additional margin of operator safety. The light curtain would be a single span. The floor pressure pads would help prevent operation if someone was between the winder and the light curtain. Includes I/O module, additional PLC programming and wiring.
  • Custom modifications
  • Special applications

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