High Pressure Processing (HPP)

Precision layering of high tensile strength wire.

The Broomfield High Pressure Processing (HPP) Coil Winding Systems provide for precision layering of high tensile strength wire onto various shaped products or pressure vessels such as round cylinders and rectangular shaped frames, for the purpose of increasing structural strength to handle very high pressures within the product. These systems can be used in many industrial and food processing appllications.

HPP winding machines precisely control the wire guide positioning and wire tension during forward wind, as well as rewind. The overall system may utilize various configurations of the primary components, to custom tailor the system to the specific application process.

The winder headstock may be of vertical or horizontal orientation to accomodate the particular product size and weight. Data logging and trending allows for proper documentation of wind parameters and process.

  • Winder headstock torque designed for the specific wire tension requirement and product size and weight.
  • Tensioning system will provide constant and consistent precise wire tension.
  • Wire cut, butt weld, and tensile test station assures for proper joining of wires when supply spool is changed.
  • Wire supply dereeler/pretensioner with jib crane and 2nd shaft for quick supply spool change-overs.
  • Advanced operator control system for all machine functions, wind program execution, and data logging/trending.
  • Safety systems may incorporate a combination of guarding, railing/fencing, interlocked access gates, and light curtains.

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