Fly Winder Series

Accurate solutions to rotor winding for generator applications.

The Broomfield fly winder provides an accurate solution to random rotor winding for generator applications. Quick tooling changes allow the machine to accommodate various shapes, sizes and types of rotors based on your application needs. This machine decreases production time, as well as maintains accurate winding tension (with optional tensioner).

The fly winder can be equipped with an optional precision controller allowing for the placement of the wire to be programmed based on the criteria of the application needs. The operator has the ability to control wire tension, high and low-end RPM speeds, as well as data collection remotely from the HMI control as well as log the data from each rotor being wound.

The fly winder is a guarded and enclosed winding unit, and allows for quick transitions between pole changes with an interlock system. This machine, while keeping speed, efficiency, and safety in mind, is ruggedly built to withstand years of trouble-free operation.

  • Efficient and precise
  • High-speed balanced flyer
  • Winds in either direction
  • Optional Broomfield MP-5 winding controller
  • Designed for maximum coil accessibility
  • Custom tooling to match customer product range
  • Various Kw (HP) available for proper torque and speed range
  • Heavy duty welded construction for extended life – no cast or extruded metals
  • Safety guarding and interlocks
  • Optional tensioners to accommodate wire size range

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