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Company History

Broomfield's origins began in 1948 by John Broomfield, who as a young man had worked for Thomas Edison in New Jersey. After working in the Edison Laboratories and having a similar inventor’s logical mind, John started his own company as a design and manufacturing facility in a small rural town in central Massachusetts in the United States.

Today, a fourth generation of Broomfield is involved running the coil winding business.

John Broomfield
John Broomfield Sr.
Tom Broomfield
Tom Broomfield
Andy Broomfield
Andy Broomfield
Vice President
David Broomfield
David Broomfield
Manufacturing Manager
Andrew Broomfield
Andrew Broomfield
Production Engineer


During the initial 30+ years of existence, the company worked on various repair, manufacturing, and machining projects for customers in differing industries. Several coil winding machine manufacturers sent their machinery to Broomfield to have special modifications and tooling made.

Thomas, one of John’s sons, felt that establishing a standard product line would provide greater longevity and a more stable income for their employees. Sensing a need for improvement in the winding equipment at that time, Broomfield embarked on a complete design and marketing change. Due to Thomas’ personal faith in Jesus Christ, he gathered a small group of employees together to ask God for wisdom and direction in how they should proceed. In 1980, Broomfield brought their first coil winding machine, a model 400 winder, to exhibit at a trade show in Chicago. Attendees at the show were interested, and soon after, their first few winding machines were sold.

Broomfield experienced consistent growth since 1980. In 2021, Broomfield acquired Thermoplastics Engineering Corporation (TEC) and expanded its manufacturing and office space to over 70,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and office space. This expansion was driven by the company's ongoing product range expansion and the need to meet increasing demand. It aimed to enhance production capacity, improve efficiency, and maintain high-quality standards. The strategic investment further strengthened Broomfield's market position and supported its continued growth.

Product Distribution

Having exported their winding products for over 40 years to facilities in locations such as England, France, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, China, Japan, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Australia, Oman, Mexico, New Zealand and Canada, their sales, service, and parts personnel have years of experience in supporting their customer's needs around the globe.

Broomfield remains an industry leader with customers such as ABB, Eaton, GE, Philips Medical, Prolec, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Solomon Corporation, Voltamp, Wescosa, and many others in various manufacturing industries, from power generation and distribution, power conditioning and UPS systems, electric motors, superpower rotating and linear motors, medical and welding equipment, and more.

Broomfield Commitment

As the long established Broomfield tradition of reliability, flexible design, innovation, strength, and dedication to personalized customer attention continues, Thomas and his sons Andrew and David, and the entire Broomfield staff, are continually looking for better ways to serve you and all of your machinery and application needs.